Using KTM Komuter To Commute

Using public transport especially KTM Komuter often frustrates you. Many occasions involving delays, and a few train broke down. What irritates me more is that my work attendance record for the last month has showed three red colors, which means I was being late for three times. It’s all because of that train.

I used to go to work using Rapid LRT train. The train’s frequency is satisfying. Every 5 minutes a train arrives at a station. The train’s schedule is accurate that you can rely on. You stuck in a delay incident once in a while.
When my office was relocated, I have no other choice but to take KTM Komuter. The distance to my office is about 30 km, and I think driving is the most convenient way to commute to work. I can reach my office early and no sign of red in attendance anymore.


instead of driving for 45 minutes, I rather take public transport. Why? [1] Because I was once stuck in a traffic jam when I was travelling from office to home and I didn’t like it. [2] The parking at my new office is very expensive, that you have to spend more than RM10 per day. I chose to commute using KTM Komuter. I can do three productive things while I’m travelling:

  • Read Books – It’s hard to read my favorite books at home when I have to look after two children. Using train as a place to read is the only way I can fulfill my desire.
  • Organize Calendar - Every monday, I used my precious 45 minutes planning my whole my weekday and weekend in the train coach.
  • Mind Map. While standing inside the train, I usually draw mind map to note some ideas I have thought by using notepad or iPod Mind map apps.
  • Track Your Expense. If I can’t find time to do my account, I may do it inside the train using iPod budget apps or notepad. But it’s hard to find some privacy space. So I only doing it if I really don’t have time at home.

Most of the books that I’ve finished reading, I did it inside the train. I completed my weekly plan when I was standing inside the train. I find that the 45-minute of travelling is very valuable to do something productive.

One Response to Using KTM Komuter To Commute
  1. Fahmi

    hello kak Huda. I’m a Malaysian student currently studying in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    i kinda miss home. n i miss taking a ride in KTM Komuter. :D

    i am just curious on the current KTM Komuter service quality. so, how do u find the quality of the service now? Is it still the same i.e. there r still cancellations, delays etc?

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