Saya Mahu Resepi Dari Blog Dapur Tanpa Sempadan

My new hobby is cooking. Cooking is like a therapy. Some people go shopping for therapy, but with limited money in purse, cooking is the best therapy for me.. huhhh.

Beside the main course like Ayam Masak Merah (my expertise), Ayam Masak Kicap, Ayam Goreng, telor dadar, etc, I like baking. I’d bake cakes, muffins, pastries and pizzas. My De Longhi Oven serve me well. Every week there is baking activity. Whether or not the cake/muffin/pastry turn to be ok, I still keep on experimenting the recipes. Of course the food testers are Mr Hubby, Amirul & Widad..

There are many blogs that I used to make as reference, but the most I like is, a Dapur Tanpa Sempadan aka Mat Gebu. Besides his own recipes, he also adopt from others and make by his own version. Most of Mat Gebu’s recipes are easy and simple to make. Perfect for me. Budak baru nak belajar la katakan.. huhhuh. There are some recipes, Mat Gebu will show a step-by-step like the recipe below.

Photo & Recipe by : Mat Gebu ; Pandan Cheese Cake

Inspired by Mat Gebu’s recipe, I have managed to make a banana muffin cheese.The original recipe from the Mat Gebu, but was prepared by me, based on ingredients available at home.

Combination of Banana Choc-Chip Muffin & Marble Cheese Brownies

and this is the result :

Banana Cheese Muffin

My white mice aka foods tester

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8 Responses to Saya Mahu Resepi Dari Blog Dapur Tanpa Sempadan
  1. Ladysirna

    i also like mat gebu’s blog, you can find everything there…really love it!

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  3. NUR

    comel je 3 3 terbaring kekenyangan tu.. mat Gebu memang best.. JOM KE: ALL IN ONE
    good luck

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  5. anita ahmad

    saya suka dapur tanpa sempadan

  6. kembang setaman

    saya pun suka dts..ahak..ahak

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