Hormone Imbalance is No Good and Very Annoying

I’m sharing this dysfunctional uterine bleeding that I’m having right now. Its not serious illness but may need monitor if the severity level increase. Read here for more info on dysfunctional uterine bleeding via WebMd.  However, i think  my symptoms more on abnormal uterine bleeding. same ker??? ntah. just read here for more details

The Symptoms :

  • Irregular period
  • 1st cycle is Spotting
  • 2nd cycle is normal period, 5 – 7 days

Why do i concern about??

  • I may be pregnant without realize  it, since i cannot track my menstrual cycle. It not 28/30 days but 15/21 days
  • How to perform solat. After 15days of period kan consider darah penyakit. so camno ni???
  • Is this side effects for taking Noriday for almost 2 years? Ohh no. nak control cara apa ni?? IUD – takut , self control – xreti, condom – eeiii tak best,

You also may have bleeding if you do not take your pills at a regular time each day – WebMd

1st appointment the gynea diagnose :

  • Imbalance hormone – erhmm
  • Stress – Am i?? I don’t think so. I still can smile and laugh happily. I watch Kpop drama, teacher to Amirul, daily routine is fine.. nothing go wrong i think.. hehhuhuh

Extreme emotional stress and excessive exercise. But excessive exercise more frequently causes an absence of menstruation (amenorrhea)- WebMd

  • Discharge – Yup, its quite troublesome and very uncomfortable. anyone having discharge, Share with me how to reduce it or prevent it
  • I was given hormone pill and may continue Noriday – Nothing change. Spotting and irregular period still happened

imageNoriday for 28 days. Once you finish you need to continue for new pack

2nd appointment, the gynea:

  • Gave me Yasmin and i need to stop Noriday immediately. Both are contraceptive pill.
  • Noriday no more effective to my body which make my uterus wall thinning irregularly
  • Take the yasmin and see for 2 month, how does the Yasmin do. If ok, continue, if not. kita check lagi yer

imageYasmin for 21 days

NOTE : My review on Yasmin, contraceptive pill that help me to have 2 year 3 mths  gap between Amirul and Widad

2 Responses to Hormone Imbalance is No Good and Very Annoying
  1. yatie chomeyl

    never hear of it before. ni 1st time dgr pasal ni.

    pssstt : i guna self-control..setakat ni ok lagi la untuk jarakkan SN dengan adik dia hehe

  2. Marini

    Sy pakai IUD. Yang sy tau, kl pakai apapun contraseptive pil or tools, mmg akan affect period. Me, period sampai 15 hari, setiap bulan. Berkenaan dengan salat, sy ada tanya kePada seorang yg paham ilmu fiqh, beliau cakap, kalau kita dah pasti yg menyebabkan period jadi lama sampai 16 hari atau lebih, maka dianggap process tersebut bukannya natural tp pengaruh obat. Jadi, untuk h
    Period, tetap dikira. Brp hari selalunya period kita jika tak de minum obat, kl sy, selalunya, 8 hari ja, jd walaupun sy period 15 hari, biasanya, 3 hari pertama, period siket2 je, sy akan tetap salat, tp selalu dibersihkan sebelum salat, begitu juga dg akhirperiod, kira 8 hari je, ug siket2 tu, sy dah salat. Maybe, u need to ask people arround u yg faham fiqh wanita

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