When time is very limited and precious

Recently i hardly update this blog. The time that i have is very limited. Juggling between works at office and at home is very challenging nowadays. Outstations and stayback, house chaos and homeschooling causing Supermom lay down flat on the comfortable bed by 9pm. Krohhh.krohhhh.krohh

Thanks to Allah for having Mr Hubby who always understand me and never complaint about tired or i hate doing this. Being a parent has a wide job scope as he claims. Dont’t be selfish and demand for perfect wife who capable to do everything. They are not machine. They also need rest and relax. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

For the kids, Mr Hubby always tell me: Don’t worry too much when your time spending with them is very limited. Soonner or later they will understand yang dadi and mami keluar mencari rezeki untuk sesuap nasi

Nothing else that i want beside understanding Mr Hubby and happy kids when time is very constraint and precious.



But, the one that i really need now is :

How to become highly super patient mom.

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