6 Creative Ways to Encourage Your Children To Go To School

Although learning and school is an important part of a child’s life it is sometimes not on the top of their list of priorities and it can be difficult to convince them to go to school. There are plenty of excuses from not feeling well to simply not wanting to go to school on a particular day. Here are 6 ways to make your child excited about school:
  1. Convey to them the importance of learning.
    Although school may not always be the most fun activity that children participate in, it is an important thing that all children should experience. By conveying the importance of learning to your children starting at a very young age education will become one of their strong values and that will follow them throughout their life.
  2. Remind them that it will allow them to make new friends
    During school children are surrounded by a group of their peers every day. Although school is a time for learning, it is also a time to refine social skills. Children can socialize with their peers between classes, during break times, during lunch or snack hours (depending on the age of the child), and sometimes even during class when working in groups or participating in group discussions.
  3. Entice them with small prizes or stickers
    For younger children it is important to never underestimate the power of a sticker or a small prize. If your young child is having a rough time getting out of bed to go to school in the morning it can often be helpful to bribe them with a small prize or sticker. For your older children you can offer a delicious breakfast or a shopping trip for attendance and excellence in school.
  4. Be picky about schools to make sure the teachers are high quality, making children more interested in school
    When teachers are excited about learning it tends to make children excited about learning. When choosing schools for your children, take the time to meet with the teaching staff. Making sure that the teaching staff at your child’s school is above average will give them a better learning opportunity.
  5. Help them with their schoolwork at home
    Showing an interest in your child’s schoolwork is beneficial on many different levels. For one, it will help your child learn if they have questions and you have answers for them. Helping your child with their homework also creates a strong bond with your children that is built on the ideals that schoolwork and education is important. Once again, this will make education into one of your child’s long-term values.
  6. Don’t allow your child to stay home from school
     This seems so simple but it is incredibly important to making sure your child goes to school. By allowing your child to stay home from school here and there, it will show them that staying home from school is acceptable behavior. By consistently making your child go to school they will not see staying home from school as an option.
Author Pam Johnson enjoys mothering her children and blogging. She is a contributing writer for termlifeinsurance.org.
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