Happy 5th Birthday Amirul

amirulMummy, Daddy & Adik love you abang

Alhamdulillah, today Amirul turn 5 years old. Recall back the moment when  he came out from my womb, the feeling when the nurse putting him on my chest, breastfed him and that is the day I become a mother. The feeling is totally can not be described with words. I’m so thankful to Allah swt for this precious gift. Semoga Amirul membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan sentiasa hormat pada mami and dadi

He talks a lot nowadays. Requesting so many answers which sometimes, Mummy headache to give an answer. Such of his queries :

  1. Question : Mami, its morning already, why i can still see the moon
    Answer : It’s because, the sun not yet raise.
  2. Question : Mami, the cloud is moving. Where is the cloud going?
    Answer : The clouds is going to rumah atok & eyang
  3. Question : Mami, just now you said we are going to jalan-jalan. Why are we walking and not using dady’s car
    Answer : Abang we are going jalan-jalan. jalan-jalan to kedai mamak over there (just cross the road from our house)
  4. Question : Mami, pokok tu gerak la. Why that pokok is moving
    Answer : Pokok gerak sbb angin tolak. You can feel the air, but you cannot touch the air.
  5. Question : Mami pukul 5 tu, siang ke malam
    Answer : If 5 pagi dier masih malam, if 5petang dier jadi siang
    Amirul : Muka kerut dahi.
  • He is still soft spoken.
  • Always giving in to Widad.
  • Too attached with Eyang.
  • Loves drawing
  • Learn the value of friends – Dah pandai play together with anak jiran yang sebaya.
  • Understand his routine. Independent dan sesangat boleh diharap.

Just now i asked him, Abang anak mami ke dadi.
oo Abang anak Mami. Thanks abang.


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