Tips for raising a well-rounded boy

Amirul turn 5 last Friday (Feb 8) and he is the first child of the family. Of course both me and Mr Hubby have high expectation on him especially becoming role model to his siblings and can take care of the family if unfortunate happen to Mr Hubby. Raising a well-rounded child especially boy is a challenge. Time, effort and patience are the key words to success in rising a well-rounded boy.

With Amirul personality : soft spoken, interested in Daddy’s gadget rather than socialize with people, and hard to focus are additional challenges that we need to overcome.

Reading tips for raising a well-rounded boy from Baby Centre, some of the tips are true and some are not.

TIP 1 : Give him some responsibilityFollowing instruction and finishing tasks are skills that are often slow to develop in boy
OUR OPINION : This is true. Responsibility makes Amirul more responsible. We give routine to Amirul. After finished playing the toys, don’t leave the toys in mess. He need calls Widad and together both of them do the clean up.

TIP 2 : Let him show his emotions -It’s much healthier than bottling it up. Then, once he’s calmed down, you can talk to him about what he’s feeling and why
OUR OPINION :  This is true. Amirul shows tear and anger towards his sister/ friends.  Nevertheless,we teach him to be patient and learnt to be tolerate. But, there is time when he restrain tear coming out.

TIP 3 : Give him plenty of physical affectionEven if he says he doesn’t want any affection, he still needs it just as much
OUR OPINION : This is true.  Affection soften Amirul’s mischievousness. I always remind myself now is the time I need to shows all the affection cause as he is growing older, he’s likely to shy away from hugs and kisses just like Mr Hubby. Furthermore, Amirul loves to hug and kiss both of us. There is time when I feel suffocated with his loves affection towards me. Non stop hugs and kisses.. ngeeee.

TIP 4 : Don’t try to cease his enthusiasm - Just make sure you remind your son that there are times and places when he’ll need to calm it down a little
OUR OPINION : This is true. Mr Hubby always give freedom to his children to explore. Adventure is out there but do not off the limit.


TIP 5 : Don’t worry if he likes ” girls things” - It’s a great way for him to develop his kind and nurturing side
OUR OPINION : This is true. He cuddle teady bear, he becoming a loving brother and son.

TIP 6 : Work on his social skills - Boys don’t form close friendships
OUR OPINION : Yes Amirul is anti-social once. As he grow older, he starts making friends, share his belonging. Every evening, I would let Amirul socialize with the same age neighborhood.

TIP 7 : Introduce him to music - Music lessons can also sharpen a young child’s thinking skills and improve memory
OUR OPINION : Not time yet. Amirul do not fascinate music. I don’t mind if he do not  captivate the music. Ngeeee

TIP 8 : Encourage his interest
OUR OPINION : This is true. We found that Amirul loves drawing. We encourage him drawing and he feel so bless and happier. Amirul would draw anything he likes for few weeks or month until he find new liking

TIP 9 : Appraise the positives - being good and let him know that you appreciate the effort.
OUR OPINION : This is true. We always reward and appraise Amirul. Rewards normally chocolate or his favorite foods.

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