Tech Link of The Week #12

Here are a few links that caught my attention his week:

1. Galaxy S III, iPhone Users Not So Different After All by AllThingsD

One thing people aren’t doing much of on either device is making phone calls.Both Galaxy and iPhone owners use their phones more to access the Web and send text messages than they do for phone calls. Phone use outpaced email, but only slightly.That said, devotees of Apple or Samsung are likely to argue their device does those same tasks oh-so-much-better.And, of course, when one looks a little deeper, there are demographic and other differences.

 2. Charge Your Phone Faster by Switching to Airplane Mode Before Plugging In by Lifehacker

Putting your phone into airplane mode turns off all of the wireless radios inside, so while you won’t be able to receive calls, use data, or use GPS, you also won’t be fighting background processes that use those radios for power while your phone is plugged in. The end result is your phone will charge a little faster, and you’ll walk away with a bit more power in your battery than you would otherwise.

3. Tech Offers in Malaysia:

Buy GALAXY smartphone and get free bluetooth via Samsung Facebook Pages

the Xperia™ Z is here! Order it ONLINE for your convenience :) *Only in BLACK

Exceed your quota and top up for more! Buy 2GB and get free 1GB! by P1Wimax

Remember to reload online as much as u can to win this week’s Samsung GALAXY S III mini! Ends this Sunday via Digi Facebook Pages

Astro Circle and Disney are rewarding Astro customers with a chance to attend an exclusive Iron Man 3 movie by Astro Online

4. Look What Happens When You Give a Teenager a Tablet via AllThingsD

And kids these days! Deloitte says that a fifth of “trailing millennials” — 14-to-23-year-olds — say they’re watching TV shows on their tablets. That’s up from just 2 percent a year ago. But tablets still aren’t ubiqitous among that set — they’re more likely to watch their shows via smartphones, game consoles, computers or plain old TV sets.

5. Why I Hacked Donkey Kong for My Daughter via

Finally, one day after work, she asked to play Donkey Kong, only this time she raised a pretty innocent and simple question: “How can I play as the girl? I want to save Mario!” It made sense. We had just played Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES a few days before, and she became obsessed with playing as Princess Toadstool. So to go back to Donkey Kong, I can see how natural it seemed to ask the question

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