Technology: Is It Good or Harm?

Children these days, they can’t live without iPad. My children for example, they’re crying if told them not  to play iPad before go to sleep. While I try to limit down the usage of the gadgets, I find it hard to breathe when they turn the fury brows on me, and hold themselves while screaming in protest. Why? Because I refuse to allow them to play with iPad.

I submissively agree that children are mesmerized by touchscreens. Heck, they even touch our old TV, vigorously touching even harder when they realized it failed to respond. I always grab them before they could smash my hard-earned TV set (yes, I save RM100 a month, okay!), wondering if I could blame rapid advance in technologies for making my kids feeling unsatisfied.

But the interactive nature of touchscreens invites young children to think and respond. That affects developing brains in different ways than passive television viewing does, said Ari Brown, the doctor who is lead author of the guidelines on toddlers and television.

Content. Context. Child.  It becomes clearer now that II can apply The Three Cs, as what this article suggested, for helping my children benefits from apps. For now, the iPad is helping my son to learn alphabets, numbers, Arabic characters, and songs. But there’s always a time when they couldn’t resist on playing Plant vs Zombies or Where’s my water.

As for conclusion, I have to set parameters and schedules, allowing them to play with physical toys because balance, I believe, develops skills and knowledge.

[Source: Touchscreens and Toddlers: The research is mostly good news]

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