Life Is A Learning Curve

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 Life is a learning curve to what some people always say. It’s true in many ways.

Life is the greatest teacher. The older you are, the more experience you get.

But, if you don’t take lessons from tragic incidents or memorial events in your life, unfortunately, you missed the opportunity, to learn something valuable.

Our world seems to accept that our knowledge is measured by a piece of paper.

If you’re a degree holder, people look you in an entirely different way.

Now hear me this: It’s just formality and academical. Just because you have completed doing degree or master’s degree, doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s just a beginning. Lessons in life take a long, long time to learn — well, a lifetime.

Let’s say that you have good self-initiatives to improve yourself, you will go to public speaking class, foreign language class, writing class, singing class, and even go to surau or mosque to hear some motivational, religious speech.

You always trying to improve the area of weaknesses.

Introduction to lifelong learning. According to Wikipedia – Lifelong Learning or LLL, is the continuous building of skills and knowledge throughout the life of an individual. It occurs through experiences encountered in the course of a lifetime.

LLL is divided into two:

  • Formal: training, counseling, tutoring, mentorship, apprenticeship
  • Informal: experience and situation.

Benefits of lifelong learning

1. Protect your head. My head and your head and every father’s head are the most valuable asset. They become more valuable than others when you give fuel to them, by doing something that can also lower your risk of getting Alzheimer — like reading books, playing instrument, analyzing problems, doing research, brain teaser games and etc.

Here some other things keep your head protected: Regular exercise, Healthy diet, Mental stimulation, Quality sleep, Stress management, An active social life [via HelpGuide]

2. Your intelligence is superior to others. Jogging is a fitness exercise for your physical body. Lifelong learning is a fitness exercise for your intelligence. While others keep decreasing because they are too lazy, yours is increasing handsomely because you schedule ‘your jogging for brain’ activity accordingly.

3. Earn more money. If a father keeps improving himself, some people will get impressed by it. Eventually, the father have no problem to bring more money to his family because [1] his writing is doing well and landed a freelance job, [2] a foreign language class he’s attending finally gets him paid as a part-time translator job, and [3] his public speaking training gets him invitations to give inspirational speeches in many events.

4. Increase your confidence. LLL increases your confidence. Now a father can overcome the stress of continuous crying of his baby because he knows a solution to that matters. His balance between work and life is becoming more stable, because his confidence musters like the way it should.

5. Self-satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment.  A father feels his life full with colors of happiness, because he realizes how much satisfying when doing something that can benefit to himself and his family.

From daddy’s POV. 

In my opinions, a father should have LLL plan in his mind, at least. Job as a father — like other paid job — needs to be sharpened to keep the competency level at its best. Reading is a good thing to know something you’re don’t know. You have a curious feeling inside of you that wants to come out. You read about sleeping pattern just to know whether your son has been sleeping well as recommended. You even take extra mile, unconventional way by watching YouTube videos to get ideas for useful activities, and indirectly improve your son’s motoring skill, intelligence, and learning ability.

Taking advice from the older ones prevent you from the same thing happened happen your life. As you know, not all the advices are usable or appropriate. May be the advices are against your family policy and constitution. Make your decision only for what’s good for your family.

Conclusion: Learning is a continuing process. A father must be knowledgeable. A father must know about almost everything. It’s a bullet vest when your son fires questions like a machine gun.

Lesson is not some kind of numbers and figures that you’ve been rewarded after three years of struggling to get a decent degree in a university.

If you’re getting comfort by knowing that you’re superior to anyone else around you just because you have the scroll of education, then you haven’t been learning anything.

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