Amirul’s 5 years old progression


Alhamdulillah,  syukur Ya Allah. Small achievement is always big to me. I am so thankful to all the teacher for their hard work teaching Amirul.

At 5 years old, Amirul

- He can read. Now x-tra book 6&7
- He can read iqra. Iqra 4 going to 5.
- He is protective brother- as his teacher claim. Brotherly love
- He circumcised. Claim your present from dadi yea!!!!

Take my hand, Off To Lego Legoland.

The thing about Legoland is that — you have to seriously consider about going there. Read all the reviews and opinions to make up with your decision. But in short words: Don’t go. Unless you’re miraculously happened to have kids to bring along. Otherwise, just save another extra money to visit Universal Studio, Singapore (USS), whereas the games and parks are more adventurous and experiencing. Other than that, the theme park is pretty exciting, fun, cheerful, and warm. You’ll be amazed by the architecture and buildings made with LEGO bricks. are the best words can be described.

It’s a 307 km journey that took about 5 hours to come there, I managed to arrive at 6 in the evening. Plus with a stop at Johor Premium Shopping Outlets (JPO) to my wife’s tantrum. The journey itself was a child’s play when you get used to travel 447 km to Kelantan for 7 to 12 hours.

The Ticket. You can get a ticket from RM114 to RM240, depending on what kind of ticket you want to buy. The Legoland offers 1-day ticket, 2-day ticket, and the grand Annual Pass. Yeah, my big brother — the no.1 Lego fan — bought the grand Annual Pass for his whole family. I was not into the Lego thing, so it’s better to buy 1-day tickets for my whole family. You can buy either over-the-counter (OTC) or online.

It’s nothing wrong if you buy online, but it’s a thumb down on OTC that you can’t buy ticket a day in advance. Well, It’s a surprise actually, judging by the promising theme park that carrying big name like LEGO,couldn’t deliver such simple solution. I tried to wear the saddest look I have ever practiced, but I couldn’t glamour them.  Believe me, it’s better to buy online than queuing up in a long line, but I got kids-go-free vouchers, which was invalid on the net. I had no idea why they won’t allow to redeem online. Without a clear clarification from the staff, I  dragged my own frustration to my budget hotel and bought the tickets first thing in morning.

The Morning. I got a fresh mind and body. Thanks to a good night sleep. That’s a good thing about a budget hotel. It had nothing to offer but a place to sleep. So, we’re off to the Legoland after having a breakfast and I was a little proud as I discovered that we’re the third family to arrive at Legoland (by counting the car parked in the parking lot). The ticket counter opened at 9am but the theme only releases its gates at 10pm. There’s no one but us. So we killed the time by taking photograph at the archway.. It’s like we owned the Legoland.


The gate had opened and they’re welcome you with great countdown from 10 and the kids were loudly screaming in excitement. Both of my kids didn’t waste the excitement, jumping up in the air. We managed to get all things we need like the map, the food, where to go first.

In general, there were 78 spots with 35 games, 7 places of food to bite, and 17 the landmarks inside the Miniland.

The Games. My first game I was forced to play by my son was the Twister. It’s a simple game swinged you in 360 degrees in chaos formations. It was fun for warm up session before I got thrilled by the rollercoaster.

The Roller Coasters. The roller coaster — called The Project X — was quite enjoyable. I gave me an amount of hair-raising scary kind of adrenaline but I couldn’t reach my satisfaction. Although I gave me the scream of enjoyment, I shake my head, keep telling myself that I needed to go USS. Again. Because You would find the roller coaster performance was average. It couldn’t take my breath away once I left the seat. Well,  I guess because the Project X were not enough G-force and kinetic energy that drive the adults tremendously scary and exhilarating at the same time, like the USS had.

I was kinda okay with that if my children okay with that. And since I heard the happiest screaming and saw excitement curved in their face, I couldn’t complain much. I’d really feel sympathy for those who came without kids. They might get frustrated with the ride. I’d rather say the amusement is not for adult enjoyment but rather for kids.

Speaking of kids, Amirul cried a lot. He said didn’t want to ride anymore. I guess he got the taste of hair-raising scary kind of adrenaline. Now, I had to face the dragons in the Dragon’s Apprentice alone, without my sidekick.

Lego Studio – The 4D Cinema. As usual, the Lego representative set the motion inside the cinema with formality speech and the story rolled on. All the stories were presented in 15 – 20 minutes length. It actually gave me a place to break or may be take a nap if you have an unstoppable little kid like my daughter. I was falling asleep for the first show. I resented myself and swore to watch the next show, and I did.

It was quite a show. The 3D CGI animation was okay. It was not like the Disney Pixar rendering sharpness, but it was watchable and relaxing. Although, I had a little problem sometimes, seeing ghosting frames in milliseconds when big action scenes happened on screen. Its like something incomplete in FPS (Frame Per Second). I didn’t know whether it’s the problem with the 3D glasses or the animation. But it needed to be fixed. Otherwise, it was super cool.

The 4D effects were simple but it gave a deep impact. I was caught by surprised when snowy whether experience on screen can deeply transferable from where I sat with glistering particles rained all over the place. Then, the effects were completed with spraying water, stormy wind, raging fire, and smoke.

My daughter kept wearing on and off the glasses. She seemed to wonder in disbelief whether the lego cartoons in front of her were actually real or not. You should see her behaviour. I was holding my breath, trying not to laughing out loud. Kids were really enjoy it.

I was kinda missing the photographic moment of my wife’s screaming at the USS when the 4D effect of a swarm of spiders creeping under the seat, but she didn’t in Legoland. The show had almost gave her the surprising element. But it failed.

Boat MJ Amirul

The Boating School. The Boating School was another exciting game crowded with people. Thank god, it was weekday because I’d imagine I might gave up hope graduating the Boating School, seeing a long and snaky queuing and all. I tell guys, I was fun. I found myself exuberant with laughter riding the boat with my son. I guess because the boating was much more difficult than driving a car. You have to predict the direction of your steering — left OR right — before you could even begin to follow your own intended path, or else, your kid started to throw tantrum on you. Like what happened to my wife: a period of gloomy and bad-tempered silence treatment she got from our son. Having outmaneuvered by several boats, going around in circle, sidelined and stranded, and finally got dragged by the Lego staff because the water traffic get congested. All because of her.

Boat Huda Amirul

“Tak nak kawan Mami. Tak nak naik bot dengan Mami dah lepas ini”.

My kids Played Twice. AQUAZONE Wave Racer was the game Amirul  wanted to play twice. To add the spice of excitement, the water splashed and blown in the air, ignited from people outside the game. It made him crazy. While waiting in line, he would knee-jumping whenever someone ignited the water splash. He loved riding the boat racer that went around in circles, making a great wave on its path. But I had to turned him down when he asked for the third time. The queueing was not long, however, but it took about 15 – 20 minutes to wait.


They Played By Infinity. Other notable games that my kids enjoyed were Build & Test, DUPLO Playtown, DUPLO Express, Pharaoh Revenge, LEGO City Airport, LEGO Rescue Academy, Basketball Games, Junior Driving School, Remote Control Board, The Shipyard. They did a little or nothing significant at all. But those games offered the same gameplay experience they always have on common playground. So, they took several seconds to familiar with and they played all day long. As they seemed to have an unlimited energy, my body was feeling fatigue and my energy was depleting, I caught myself falling asleep and making head-banging movement while standing. I needed to find a food to bite.

 Widad N Sister

She got a new friend. A sister maybe.

The case with Royal Joust. Before I go on writing about the food, I have one case I’d like to raise. My daughter has the eagerness about riding horse. I was once had brought her to riding horse session, somewhere at Damansara. And she rode about 20 rounds and ended up crying when I was about to go home and told her we could go riding the horse for the next time. Her enthusiasm curved to no end.

It happened in Legoland. Only this time, she wasn’t allowed to riding horse the Royal Joust, the plastic horse that moves on a railway, surrounding by beautiful flowers and garden. But, it’s not as beautiful as it seemed when Widad crying out loud because she didn’t get to ride at all. Not because she didn’t fit the rules. She’s over the height and she’s 3 years old. I’ve read the rule. But, the staff didn’t allow her anyway. I think he hadn’t enough time to read properly, thoroughly, or he just wanted to piss Widad off. I didn’t want to make any parent-versus-staff drama so I left the scene without objection. But, the drama with my kid still went on as she’s crying even louder.

The Food. Don’t ask me about it or I punch you in the face. And you know why? Because the sambal wasn’t enough for my Nasi Lemak. I had to asked six additional sambals and still not enough. The portion was too small. And the price was way up high it couldn’t define the size of meal I got. It’s RM9.90, where I could get RM1.50 in my neighbourhood.

 If you could find a way to bring your own food inside, just do it. Regardless of the policy. I’m not asking you to violate the policy, but it’s expensive. It’s not worth your money. Find another place, go outside to have a decent lunch.

I didn’t check the other restaurants whether their offered good foods and services, I knew they were bad. I didn’t know if the statement was true, but that single restaurant I’ve visited concluded the others. Why they should put the price so high? Haven’t you charge us enough high-priced ticket already?

The Miniland. The Miniland is the landmarks of Asian country: Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, India, Brunei and Laos. Every landmarks offers unique views and perceptions. The art and architecture of characters and buildings are super awesome. I’d really enjoy watching the twin tower KLCC made out of Legos. It was 9 meters tall and it looked like real when someone put the picture together side by side. The replica was great and I guess they took a nice time building it with careful planning, designing and analyzing. And none of this was involving kids especially my daughter Widad, or else, it would be like 50 years to construct.

Try not to value only the buildings and architecture. Try beyond that. If you can precisely look and see at the LEGO people around the buildings, you’d see there’s a sense of dramas, emotions, and intensity in the atmosphere. As if you can imagine movements around them: how the people talk each other, running around the garden, fishing at the lake, and loitering while watching the lion statue.

Miniland (11) (Large)

Although every scene of minis mesmerized me by how awesome they laid out, the star wars minis looked a little bit dull. It’s quite interesting by putting voice of Luke Skywalker in a waste disposal area inside the Star Destroyer. But the repetition annoyed me. It didn’t really make any sense. I’d really wanted to make it stop. Another thing, I was having a hard time taking photograph because most of the Star Wars Lego character were shielded inside a glass. It really made the experience a bit unimaginative, less a sense of drama.


But this was cool fighters-vs-x-wings chasing scene

See All My Miniland photos at Flickr Set

By the way, Widad, my lovely daughter got stung by a bee. It happened when I was busy taking photograph of mini KLCC and praised about that monumental building they’ve crafted without left any retarded corners or shape. I was about to finish counting the level of mini KLCC when I heard Widad screaming in terror like having an endless nightmare. It startled me and I started running toward her, noticing that there’s a bee sting buried inside her neck. Most of it. Widad couldn’t stop screaming as it seemed the burning sensation were lasting about several minutes before it wore off.

It really paid off to bring all the camera gadgets. I brought a backpack that weighted around 5 kgs with 1 DSLR body, 2 camera lenses, 2 iPads, and 1 speedlite. My god it’s heavy. My energy has been depleting nearly to zero and only to realize it’s only been half of our journey inside the Legoland. I’ve never been this fatigue and exhausting.

Fun Facts About The Miniland. The Malaysian Meanders said it took 3 years and 3 millions LEGO bricks to construct including manufacturing overseas and assembling at local.And how I valued that? By taking over a hundreds of photos.

“Oh, wow” with the details and all those little things. It gave me peace of mind by just sitting there, enjoying the warmth of the evening sun, heard the clicks of the pictures taken everywhere. Some people made a dare jump to sit on the grass inside the mini building area just to take a perfect picture, which is okay for me. As long as I got permitted to enjoy the spirit of their smiles lured upon their faces, posing in front of the camera before the security yelled to get out of it. It’s the moment of the day.

The Merchandise. I’d been contemplating the price of the toys, and my demanding kids. I’d love to buy the best toys for both of my kids but the price was very expensive for me. I don’t know if  everyone else felt the same. I don’t blame the price completely. It was an imported, branded kind of thing. But I was not up to that. So I presumed it was expensive.

But when it came to selections, there were a vast of Lego product lines in that store, from an item  as small as keychain to as huge as the Star Wars’ Star Destroyer. If I were a Lego nerd, I would definitely maxed up my credit card because there’s a very few selections of toys if you seek outside.

I had seen several families were taking the toys and merchandises to the counter like buying groceries. May be their pay scale were a thousand times higher than mine. Or maybe I was too bitchy to burn every Sen I’ve earned on the toys and merchandises. Whatever it was, I only bought 2 Lego Star Wars keychains for both of my kids. I told them, “We’ll buy a lot of legos the next time we visit a garage sale”.

Our last game was Junior Driving School and it was 7.30 in the evening, and we’re off to our budget hotel. But, we’re craving for some fried chicken so we made a stop at KFC before we went to bed.

Words For Everyone. Playing every game inside the Legoland promises quite an experience. What matters the most is having fun with your family. Extreme theme park enthusiasts who need extreme G force and energy might find it disappointing. This theme park is meant for kids and young adult. I went from KL with a happy thought and came home with a happy experience, except for several minor dissatisfactions I’ve mentioned earlier.

Here I’d like to remind you to prepare a few things to prevent any glitch when you come visiting Legoland.

  1. The Food. The food is expensive and bad. What they serve doesn’t qualified with the price. No doubt about that. I strongly suggest that you would like to have meals outside the theme park. Bring your own food inside if you like, but don’t blame me if you get caught.

  2. The Weather. Check the weather of the day you want to visit. For your info, they close the outdoor games momentarily if the rain is falling. You have to wait for maybe several hours in frustration before they resume the games. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat or an umbrella. And you also use the raincoat for Dino Island because that game will totally get you wet. There’s a drying machine and it costs you about RM10. Finally, may I remind you that it’s not worth your money if you go there on the monsoon season.

  3. The Map. You need the map of Legoland if you are a first timer. You might be missing several important games after you complete the circle. The map is instructive and easy to understand. I suggest you should start with the last point stated on the map. Go backward instead of forward to avoid congestion, long queueing, and overcrowded. The Boating School is a good start.

  4. Stay healthy. Take a good night time and eat healthy breakfast. Staying hydrated will help you enjoy the games. If you want to stay overnight, I suggest you log on to Agoda website and find a nice hotel to fit your budget.

  5. And Good Luck.

Dumex New Interactive Website

I’ve attended Dumex New Interactive Website launch during the month of Ramadhan. Free and good foods with launching of Dumex New Interactive Webiste for parents. When the information just at your fingertips and Google such a very resourceful and informative way to get the information, Dumex has take the initiative to develop the “real-time interactive” website.

This is really good when you can live chat, resolve your parenthood problems by seeking the advise from the expertise, Dumex Careline Advisors and healthcare professionals. Not only solving problem, they also giving you tips and trick about parenting

1) L-R Marketing Director of Danone Dumex, Mr Ang Chong Lee, Managing Director of Danone Dumex Ms Toni Brendish Celebrity Mum, Azizah Ariffin, Dumex Careline Advisor, Preeta Letchumanan and Consultant Dietician, In

Parenthood or parenting not only mother’s responsibilities, but need to involve father as well. Therefore, during the launch of the Dumex Mama Club which took place at Aloft Kuala Lumpur, both fathers and mothers from around the Malaysia had attended. For mom-to-be, there are pregnancy weight tracker and pregnancy calendar for you to explore and tracking your pregnancy journey.

DumexParents sharing their Wisdom from the Heart creatively via a collage during the new Dumex website launch

Raya camera 2 2013 350I’m doing my part.

Do log in to to feel the excitement of “real-time interactive” website

Ramadhan 2013

This ramadhan is the 1st year for Amirul to learn fasting. Tough and challenging on weekend especially when Widad enjoy foods in front of him. “Abang nk eat tak” “Mami, Abang boleh eat tak?” “Mami pukul brapa abang boleh eat.” “Mami pukul satu, jarum pendek dekat number satu kan” Repeating the same questions sometimes inviting the sympathies to mami. Challenging to mami as well indeed.

Time flies without realize on weekday. He has other friends who also in the same boat with him. First timer to learn fasting. They enjoying the moment of thrist and hunger together.

However, Amirul yet to understand the purpose of fasting. Why he need to fast. Why he can’t eat while Widad enjoying her breakfast. Why he need to solat terawih. (He called solat banyak rakaat). Teachers at school do help us a lot explaining to him therefore he requested to fast.


Instead of giving him ‘duit raya’ which he still unable to understand the value of money, we promise him to give his favourite toy. Toys r us off we went for toy hunting. Amirul will be rewarded if he fasting for 29days (Half day puasa). He got excited and determine to fast.

Wake up for sahur

Alhamdulillah,  Amirul successful in his mission. Fasting for 29days and get rewarded with his favourite toy.


Reward from dadi for his achievement.  Smile of proud

Technology: Is It Good or Harm?

Children these days, they can’t live without iPad. My children for example, they’re crying if told them not  to play iPad before go to sleep. While I try to limit down the usage of the gadgets, I find it hard to breathe when they turn the fury brows on me, and hold themselves while screaming in protest. Why? Because I refuse to allow them to play with iPad.

I submissively agree that children are mesmerized by touchscreens. Heck, they even touch our old TV, vigorously touching even harder when they realized it failed to respond. I always grab them before they could smash my hard-earned TV set (yes, I save RM100 a month, okay!), wondering if I could blame rapid advance in technologies for making my kids feeling unsatisfied.

But the interactive nature of touchscreens invites young children to think and respond. That affects developing brains in different ways than passive television viewing does, said Ari Brown, the doctor who is lead author of the guidelines on toddlers and television.

Content. Context. Child.  It becomes clearer now that II can apply The Three Cs, as what this article suggested, for helping my children benefits from apps. For now, the iPad is helping my son to learn alphabets, numbers, Arabic characters, and songs. But there’s always a time when they couldn’t resist on playing Plant vs Zombies or Where’s my water.

As for conclusion, I have to set parameters and schedules, allowing them to play with physical toys because balance, I believe, develops skills and knowledge.

[Source: Touchscreens and Toddlers: The research is mostly good news]

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

For the average parent, the Internet and digital age innovations are a great resource for their young child. However, there are many dangers lurking in the darker corners, and it’s important to keep your young child safe so that they don’t view adult content, download viruses or even worse become the victim of an online predator.

Since children have been growing up with the Internet as a normal form of communication and source of information, some of the filters and reservations that older generations may have about online etiquette and behavior aren’t naturally there. It’s the job of a parent to teach a child to have these filters, and grow up to be a responsible and smart Internet user.

Set Up Parental Controls On Their Own Account

Virtually every device these days has a parental controls feature, and this is a great first line of defense for you and your child. Depending on the number of young children you have, create a personal account for each of them on your computer. This will have a positive effect for you as well as the child. On the one hand, your child feels that they have their own personal space, and on the other, you can dictate the boundaries of that personal space. By creating separate accounts you can easily log in to their space, and monitor the websites and activities they have been taking part in.

Keep The Computer In Sight

One of the easiest ways to keep track of what you’re child is doing on the Internet, is by keeping the computer in sight. By having the computer in a centralized room, you can periodically check in and keep tabs on them. Be engaged as well, ask them what they’re looking at, talking about, or playing. Take a genuine interest in what they’re explaining or excited about. If a child thinks you’re interested in what they are doing, they’re more likely to keep you in the loop, and further disinclined to break the bond of trust that you two have established.

Schedule Internet Usage

Setting up a schedule for using the computer and Internet is also a good idea in order to establish a routine with your child. Go even further by selecting an amount of time where the Internet is for fun, and another period where it’s for work. Consider allowing your child an hour or two to unwind after school, and let them use the Internet for their own personal use. After that time, make it clear that the Internet is only to be used for help with homework, if needed.

Use Learning Tools

There are many games and tools on the Internet that can teach your child about staying safe online. One such program, called Safe Online Surfing, was developed by the FBI to teach online safety to children in grades three through eight. Each grade section has it’s own games, and levels of learning about how to stay safe on the Internet. Play the game with your child as well, pay attention to their thought processes through the different questions and games so you can also see for yourself the level of your child’s safety barometer.

It’s important to remember that keeping your child safe isn’t about restriction, but fostering trust and rules. Without proper communication and education of the boundaries and safeguards you’re putting in place, you may only push your child into rebelling and keeping their online activities a secret.

Angie Picardo is a writer at NerdWallet, a financial literacy website where you can find advice on college tuition planning for your children.

Teen Dies After Refusing To Let Go of iPad

“Never in my life would I imagine that buying my kid an iPad for his birthday would end up getting him run over,” the father said.

Now, I heard that iPad has become a yardstick for children to measure if “parents love them”. Wow was the expression astonishment that pop up in my mind when I heard this. The iPad is really get the influence in our kids world. In future, maybe there’s a kasta between kids who have iPad and kids who don’t. And it would be like earth-and-sky gap.

Things have been getting serious when the news broke, saying that a teenager was ran over by two criminals after he refused to let go of his iPad. Why the kid had chosen iPad over his life when something dangerous like this happened. Can I conclude that the iPad is more valuable than RM1499?

Kids. They don’t know they can die. They don’t know they’re vulnerable. They picture their life like Lego: Star Wars game (I mention this game because my kids love playing this on Wii). They thought themselves like Anakin Skywalker character, where you can jumps off the edge, facing death as they disappeared, off the screen and reappear again a few seconds later with a blinking form factor, full of health as he continued the journey.

Marcos Arenas’ death startled me with a serious thinking about educating my kids. This is how they must react when they are facing a dangerous moment: always choose life above all.

Friends, family remember teen killed over iPad via Fox5Vegas

Update: Two men have been arrested in the killing of a teenage boy over an iPad in Las Vegas

Accidentally Trapped Inside A Car: A Solution.

I’m still feeling sympathy with the unfortunate children being trapped inside a car. If it’s happened to my son or daughter, I simply lost my sanity to continue to be functional as a normal father, a husband, and may be even a responsible adult. May be get drunk every day, still couldn’t accept the fact my children gone in a bad tragedy.

Most of parent may be still remember or at least, have a glimpse of tradegic memory of a child that was accidentally locked in a school van. The weather in Malaysia is so hot: it’s like seven inches from the mid-day sun. You stand outside just for 5 minutes and you will be feeling nausea and headache. Eventually, the child died with severe major organs malfunctioned due to the overheated effect. Some expert claimed that the atmosphere inside the van itself had turned to — what we know infamously — a greenhouse effect.

Surprisingly, average death for being accidentally trapped in a car in USA, since 1998 is 38 children.

38 children,
38 endless tears,
38 nightmares,
every year,
for the last 15 years.

I felt sorry for them. And the thought of that statistics has been terrorizing my sleep for several days now.

It’s grateful to hear that students of John Hopkins University have come up with new invention to resolve this problem. With the idea of using Kinect sensor of X360, I hope this preventable death, like what Eileen McDonald said, will decrease or will not happen at all after this.

Here’s the idea of the well-derived technology:

The device uses an infrared camera and projector to sense the movements of a game player and incorporates these motions into what is happening on the video screen. The students thought the same technology could sense even the most subtle movements of a baby sleeping in a rear car seat.

Remembering the tragedy  that had happened somewhere in Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor, I hope the government will implement mandatory policy to apply the sensor on every permitted school transportation to avoid any further.

Link : [ Video game device could help save children trapped in overheated cars | HUB ]

Educational Tablet Games for Kids

Kids love using new technology and it seems like increasingly younger children are drawn to the shiny allure of tablets. Instead of fighting it, many developers are capitalizing on children’s interest in tablets and technology to create educational games and apps for kids. From the alphabet to programming, kids can learn pretty much anything on a tablet. Here’s a run-down of some of the coolest educational tablet apps and games for children.

Alphabet and Phonics

  • My A-Z is a flashcard app aimed at preschoolers. What makes this app stand out from other alphabet learning aids is that kids can personalize the flashcards. Including, for instance, a picture of their dog for D. The app guides children in taking pictures of objects to fill in the cards and is a good way for kids to associate real things in their life with the letters they’re learning.
  • The Singing Alphabet features letters who sing about their own sounds. The catchy tunes make kids want to sing along and it teaches them to associate the letter with the sound.


  • Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication is for slightly older children who are learning their times tables. The app uses cute characters that walk children through learning and practicing multiplication. Children can earn stars as they improve their skills and the app also lets up to four people make profiles on the same device.
  • Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar is a counting app that has features the titular character from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In using the app, children identify, count, and add foods over five levels. The game is appropriate to children just learning to count or to do basic arithmetic.
  • Little Digits is a game for children just learning to count. It works by having children place their fingers on the tablet’s screen and then displaying a cartoon number so that children can learn the number symbols.

Maps, Technology, and Other Subjects

  • Barefoot World Atlas teaches children about the world and is great for kids with an interest in maps and geography. The app includes an interactive 3D globe that has music and animation for various countries, people, and nature.
  • HomeWork is an app for older kids that helps them schedule homework and study time. It lets them set reminders and generally teaches them how to effectively manage their time. The app is quite intuitive and works best on a tablet.
  • How to Make Paper Airplanes does exactly what you would expect it to do. While its educational value is perhaps arguable, learning how to follow directions and building plans could be perfect for the future engineer in your life.
  • Where’s My Water is hosted by an alligator named Swampy who loves to be clean. This is a physics-based game intended to teach kids basic spatial reasoning, problem solving, and physics skills.
  • Move the Turtle is an app that teaches the basics of computer programming by asking kids to plan tasks. Complete with friendly turtle mascot, this app teaches kids to think like a programmer without necessarily covering the nuts and bolts of computer language.
  • Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference covers children’s most beloved subject: dinosaurs! Produced by National Geographic, this app includes statistics, facts, pictures, and a story about every dinosaur kids could possibly have questions about.
  • IBM Think is a cool app that uses charts and pictures to share the history of technology. It has five interactive modules: Seeing, Mapping, Understanding, Believing, and Acting, plus it has a 10 minute film about technology innovation. This is a great app for hooking kids into an interest in technology in all its forms.

Angie Picardo is a writer at NerdWallet, a financial literacy site where you can find advice on topics ranging from apps to retirement success.

Small GPS to track your children

If you worried about child abduction, there’s a a technology called Amber Alert GPS that can track your children and give prompt alert whenever you notice that your children don’t show up when the school time is over and you’ve been waiting for more than one hour.

The tracking device is tiny enough to conceal in your kids’ bag or in the pocket. But it will burn your pocket as much as 218.99 dollar. That’s about RM 648.76 . I have a son and a daughter. So I have to save more than RM 1297.52 if I count with the shipping fee.

But people said you can get money back but you can’t never get back your precious ones once they lost. So, to me, money is not a problem.

I heard people said that — based on the statistics — crime has plunged when compared to last year, but the fear of crime has never got any lower from my view. Because I always sense danger when I left my children playing outside of our house unattended. The world has changed. My children will never get a childhood memory as monumental as mine, where I could — endlessly — play outside as far as 5km away from my house, from the sunrise to sunset.

Even with a tracking device like this that might relieve you in some ways, I still like to monitor them when they are playing outside. I only feel secured when they are lingering in my eyes.

It’s a lot money. I know. It’s like a year worth of saving. But security of our children must not be compromised. I don’t want to lose my children, and if I lost them, I lost the will to live.

[ Amber Alert GPS via Technology Can Help Keep Kids Safe from Abductors]

Should I be worried about the iPad addiction?

Widad laid on her back and relax like she got insurmountable amount of money from somewhere, the bottle glued in her mouth while watching an iPad in one beautiful evening — it’s a mesmerizing moment and I admired the coolness of this shot above.  But the news I’ve read startled me a little.  Because my youngest one can’t hold off the iPad, even when she’s taking a poop. Should I be worried?

Young technology addicts experienced the same withdrawal symptoms as alcoholics or heroin addicts, when the devices were taken away.

Is it really that bad? I mean, heroin addicts? Maybe the doctor was a little bit exaggerated or may be he’s on weed he couldn’t think straight.

Christopher Peruzzi says that this situation cycles from the sixties, back when we — human — had the new technology then. We called it TV. He said, “Really? When you overstimulate someone with a highly addictive activity it can be habit forming? I wonder if they thought the same thing during the sixties and beyond when they left kids in front of televisions as an electronic babysitter. Sure, now they care.”

But I know and it’s a principle of life: Letting yourself doing a little too much over something might harm you. Too much watching TV, too much exercising, or too much in everything, and you might vomit rainbow.

[ Toddlers becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy | The Telegraph ]

Thailand to draw out second phase One Tablet Per Child Project

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela used to say. That’s superb and one of my neighbor nations has taken it deeply into their heart. I think I’m going to cry, though I didn’t know him but his words are awesome and arising.

To continue using technology as a leverage to make advance in youngster’s education, Thailand sets an electronic auction to make One Tablet Per Child project a reality. Guys, it’s worth 4.61 billion Thailand bath. It’s about RM 500 million if it’s round up.

Big Chinese players like Huawei, Haier, and ZTE have joined the bidding. And I’m wondering why our Malaysian government don’t take initiative like this?

[ 12 firms keen to join One Tablet bid | BangkokPost ]

Does Technology Hinder Or Help Toddlers’ Learning?

As I’m watching my own daughter’s growth as she’s learning faster with an iPad at her hand, I would say technology help toddlers’ learning.

As good as technology helps disabled people do many things

As good as technology helps amputees father gets his new advanced iPhone-controlled hands.

As good as technology helps mankind to save the world 

But it is true, like the article claim, No such technologies that could make a child genius. It helps my kids, my little, witty daughter learns ABC faster by sing along ABC song from YouTube videos.

But sometimes I can’t help myself laughing out loud to see my children swiping intuitively every time they found screen — any legit screen — especially TV screen at an electronic shop like SenHeng or SenQ. They frowned a few second when they realized it’s not a touch-capable screen.

Does technology hinder or helps toddlers’ learning? BBC news might have the answer.

Widad is 3 today!!!

I seldom talk about Widad. My daughter. The one who gives me daily headache, the one who put a big grin on my face, the one who do things beyond my thinking, the one who is looking for me at night to sleep with, the one who has super power although time show 12 midnight. She is Widad Safiyyah. No matter what she does, I love her so much. A day without her, I feel the world is so silent and quiet.

fe19f26a736a11e2a1e322000a9e0853_7If you see this spiderwoman in motion car, what do you expect this mother to do?? This is the daily madness that i need to go through with her

copilotWhat am I supposed to do when I saw this face. Melting .
One day, I received a report from her teacher :
Teacher :  Pn, Widad is biting her friend – showing the two teeth marked.
Me : Adik, why do you bites your friend
Widad : Gigi adik tajam (My teeth is sharp)
Me : Should I scold her or laugh there and then.

7cfbbd207a1e11e2949722000a1f90e1_7You see this so called nice and behave kid shows thumb up and said I’m good at making pancake. Do you know she is shouting like someone is beating her up when the batter is finished. Not to mention the aftermath she did on the floor. Just forget it. She is exploring and in the learning process

baju dadiWear my t-shirt, stole my heart . My heart skip a beat..

diaper onlyYou’ve been punished. Your cloth must be dried and comfortable enough to wear. Until then, wear diaper and diaper only. Yet she still smiling.


Happy 3 Year Old Widad

Internet Paling Laju Di Dunia Berada Di Jepun

Alangkah bagus rakyat Jepun menikmati kelajuan ini. Kalaulah di Malaysia sebegini laju. Macam kita cuma bayangkan dalam pemikiran kita dan — woosh — sampai di laman web yang kita inginkan. Tidak perlu klik pada tetikus. Tapi yang itu laju sangat.

Berikut adalah maklumat-maklumat penting:

  1. Internet talian fiber optik ini dilancarkan oleh So-net, rakan niaga Sony.
  2. Muat turun sehinggga 2 Gbps (Downloads) – dua gigabit setiap saat.
  3. Muat naik 1 Gbps (Uploads) – satu gigabit setiap saat
  4. 2 tahun kontrak untuk 4,980 yen setiap bulan, lebih kurang USD 50 (RM 150/sebulan)
  5. Yuran Instalasi sebanyak 52,500 yen, lebih kurang USD 540 (RM 1800)

Membaca berita ini membuatkan aku marah. Aku bayar setiap bulan pada TM sebanyak RM150 dan hanya mempunyai kelebihan muat turun 5Mbps. (RM150/5Mbps) Sungguh rip-off. Sayang, jom packing, kita pindah Jepun!

[sumber: engadget ]

Google Glass dibida setinggi RM 290,000 Di eBay Sebelum Ditarikbalik

Cermin mata berteknologi tinggi — mampu mengambil gambar, merekod video, konferensi video, GPS, dan membuat carian — Google Glass telah dibida setinggi $95,300 di eBay sebelum pemiliknya kemudian menarik balik gajet itu dari laman web tersebut.

Seorang pelajar yang ingin dikenali hanya sebagai Ed dari philadelphia (Ed From Philadelphia) antara salah satu dari pemenang-pemenang pertandingan Google Explorer. Hadiahnya adalah — berpeluang untuk menikmati teknologi cermin mata Google Glass yang sofistikated dengan harga lebih kurang RM 4500 ($1500). (Bersamaan dengan harga Macbook Retina Display)

Dengan semangat gajet membakar dirinya, dia membeli cermin tersebut dengan menggunakan pinjaman pengajiannya, lebih kurang macam PTPTN. Dan cuba untuk mengaut keuntungan dengan menjual semula gajet tersebut melalui laman web eBay. Margin tersebut membolehkan dia top up kembali baki pinjamannya.

Walau bagaimana tinggi keuntungan sekalipun, dia menyedari bahawa dia telah melanggar terma dan syarat yang telah termaktub:

If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.

Sekiranya anda menjual semula, memberi pinjam, menukar hal milik, atau memberi peranti kepada mana-mana individu tanpa kebenaran, Google berhak to untuk menyahaktifkan peranti tersebut, dan tidak kira sama ada anda atau individu lain yang tidak boleh menikmati sebarang pengembalian wang, bantuan produk, atau warantinya.

Menyedari Google Glass miliknya akan meletup dengan sendirinya sekiranya kantoi, dia membatalkan pembidaan yang sedang berlangsung selama 4 hari itu. Ada juga yang menghubungi Ed secara terus melalui mesej untuk membeli dengan harga $8000 sehingga $10,000 (bersamaan sebuah kereta Perodua Viva), dia tetap dengan pendiriannya untuk tidak menjual.

Google Glass merupakan sebuah produk inovasi dari Google yang dibangunkan sejak 2011 dan akan dijual secara komersil seawal suku kedua 2013. Berita ini dianggap fenomena kerana orang ramai sanggup membayar gajet tersebut dengan harga yang macam nak kena kaki dengan aku walaupun Google Glass tersebut akan menembusi pasaran tidak lama lagi.

Sumber | Forbes

Tangan Bionic Yang Mengubah Dunia Seorang Bapa

1. Nasib baik boleh lagi berfungsi sepuluh jariku, and masih lagi memegang rekod pekerja paling pantas menaip di office. Cerita pasal seorang bapa yang kehilangan kedua-dua belah tangannya membuatkan aku rasa bersyukur dengan apa yang ada. Tetapi, yang membuatkan dia famous adalah beliau dianugerahkan dengan tangan robotik, boleh dikawal oleh iPhone.

2. Tanggal 1hb Mac 2008, Jason Koger telah terkena kejutan letrik, menyalurkan 7,200 volt ke seluruh badannya. Kemalangan yang hampir meragut nyawanya berlaku apabila beliau terlanggar wayar letrik yang terputus ketika menaiki ATV (lebih kurang macam go-kart punya kenderaan). Jason Koger, bapa kepada dua anak perempuan, terpaksa menjalani pembedahan tangan untuk menyelamatkan nyawa. Sejak dari itu, beliau sedar keadaan ini akan mengubah arus hidupnya.

3. Berpengalaman selama 50 tahun dalam inovasi prostetik, Touch Bionics telah mencipta teknologi tangan prostetik yang mampu melakukan modifikasi dari iPhone atau telefon mudah alih pintar melalui hubungan bluetooth.

4. Antara kelebihan-kelebihan atau features daripada tangan bionic / robotic ini adalah:

    1. Patent-pending vari-grip mode: pengguna boleh mengubah variasi pergerakan tangan digit demi digit kekuatan cengkaman.
    2. Pilihan isyarat tangan yang meluas membolehkan pengguna mencipta pergerakan baru.
    3. Tiga cengkaman tripod yang baharu untuk meningkatkan fleksibilti pengguna.
    4. Genggaman yang teguh secara automatik to mengelakkan daripada objek daripada jatuh dengan tidak sengaja.
    5. Tangan secara semula jadi kembali ke posisi asal setelah tiada aktiviti dilakukan dalam jangka masa yang lama.

5. Jason Koger merupakan manusia yang pertama menggunakan tangan bionic untuk menggantikan kedua-dua belah tangannya. Jason Koger juga tinggal sedikit sahaja lagi untuk menandingi Luke Skywalker. Kekurangan dia hanya tiada kuasa Jedi Force. Menurut video ini, tangan bionic ini telah berada di pasaran. So, sesiapa kepada pengila-gila gajet di luar sana, jangan mengada-ngada potong tangan sendiri semata-mata untuk memiliki tangan bionic ini.

Someone raised a question at Quora about leaving her child unattended for one minute. “How long can you leave a baby unattended in a car? Assuming it’s not too hot or cold out, and you leave the motor running. Also, assuming it’s a safe neighborhood”. There’s one particular answers that I find hilarious: “For the amount of time it takes to travel from the driver’s door to the passenger door (Miguel Valdespino, professional amateur)”. One answer that is brutally honest is ZERO.

If you leave your baby with the motor car running, here’s a horror story from Justin Freeman, Former Patrol Officer:

When I was a police officer, we had a situation one night when a father left his vehicle running with a baby in the car seat to duck into a business in a strip mall. A car thief, seeing the opportunity (but not the baby), slipped into the vehicle and took off. The father frantically called 911 and reported it as a kidnapping – which set our entire department into swarm mode as officers got pulled off of other calls to saturate the area.

Well, you CANNOT leave your baby alone. Like. Ever. A baby has a gifted talent to blow up things in 100 meter radius when he feels lonely. Well, at least that was my imagination when I have a thought to take a nap while nannying my baby . Do not compromise your baby safety, because if you do that, if you are in my circle of friends, I’ll lose my respect upon you.

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